Friday, July 31, 2009

Make a youtube video from an image

Advertise your site for free on YouTube - Make money with YouTube by receiving more more visitors:

There are so many people using YouTube daily that the different possiblities to be able to receive more hits to your site is mind boggeling. Just think of all the people that use YouTube every single day to listen to music, and watch various types of videos. All of those YouTube users could be visiting your site.

What you need though is to find what people want, what is big right now. When you do a search in YouTube after punching the first two or three letters on your keyboard the drop down gives you suggestions. These suggestions are generated when many people are searching for the same thing. An example is, type in Michael Jackson and you will notice how many different search suggestions come up.

I have figured out a way to take an image and import a song to go with the image into a mpeg that can be uploaded to YouTube. Now you can of course use just an image, but this will only make a thirty-eight second video and those type of videos usually do not receive as many views. The ones that receive the most hits are the longer running ones, which is why you need some type of background sound. After testing one without sound and one with sound, I found that the silent one only received 17 views in a period of eight hours. So I re-created the video with a background MP3 and it received 17 views in a period of one hour.

Here is one that I just uploaded to advertise a blog post:

Note the title of the video, it is honest and it has two popular search terms, Michael Jackson Memorial and his song butterflies. The program handout isn't as a big search term from users, because most would not assume this would be a YouTube video, so you have to be creative with your video names as well. Also, you will see the annotation at the top. In the video description is where you put the URL to your blog and/or blog post. This makes an easy click that will redirect right to your site, you can also integrate your site URL into the video, which I will show you in a tutorial.

How to create a YouTube video from an image and MP3.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Warning - New paypal spoof email

When running paypal buttons on your site, you will occasionally receive a spoof mail from somebody who is going to try to access your account.

Today I received a new PayPal spoof email, here it is:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: service <>
Date: 2009/7/30
Subject: New Message

We regret to inform you that
access to your account has been temporarily limited.

This has been done due to several failed log-in attempts.

To restore your account please log in correctly.

If you fail to log in correctly your account will be suspended for fraud prevention.

You will be able to register again for PayPaI only after you authenticate your profile.

We apologize for the inconvenience, this measure was taken for your protection.

PayPaI Security Team

This is the worst case of spoofing I have ever seen, but unfortunately it probably worked. How to identify that this is a spoof email:

1. PayPal never sends out information asking for your login, password or credit card information.
2. The senders email address
3. Look at the url the website directs you to (") not a paypal url.

If you think you received an email that is a spoof, send it to

Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to get more visitors to your site

A few weeks ago I mentioned how using Google Groups to earn visitors to your site works quite well. The past few days I got a bit lazy and had not been visiting Google Groups. Last week after posting a couple of tips in the help forums, my visitor count went up and than it went back down. The other day I decided it was time to stop being lazy and visited Google Groups again and helped a few people out. Immediately after my visitor count went up quite a bit than again suddenly dropped. After a bit of thought I realized that it must have a great impact on my visitors so now I try to at least find 6-10 questions that I can answer and it really does help. Google groups is a great way to learn things yourself as you help people out.

A few weeks ago somebody was having a problem with deleting extra contacts in their gmail account. Whenever you receive a spam mail, the spammer's email address is added to your contacts. After looking around in my own gmail to see if there was a way yet to delete the extra contacts, I found the solution.

All you need to do is click on contacts in your left column and in the new window you will see a list of all of your contacts. You just simply tick the ones you want to remove and than click the delete button. I learned something new and she was finally able to fix her problem and this help also gave me a best answer in the group.

Of course the right post helps as well. This post for example, is a huge search for the Erin Andrews Peephole Video. Following that news item has been very successful as well as finding websites with videos that you can embed as well. The two combined will guarantee to give you 300+ visitors daily. Videos on your site will earn you money and so will having something to offer. For every so many megabytes that a person uses on your site, you earn a penny. Although, I am not sure how many megabytes for every penny.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Other ways to use Videos to promote your blog

You can have your great big video advertisement bumper sticker on your blog with the ads to go with it.

My post on My Wikis about using CoComment and Intense Debate together so you can use FaceBook connect along with leaving a comment with a YouTube Video. They work together quite well. CoComment keeps track of your comments and with the FireFox CoComment add-on. I like being able to keep track of my comments and the past few days I've left quite a few and it helps as much as having a decent page rank.

Subscribing to YouTube gets you noticed. I posted a video months ago but wasn't really using YouTube for anything until the past few weeks. When using the YouTube videos people seem to find you faster. Suddenly I am getting invites to subscribe to users but also subscribing and commenting on other videos also helps.

People make videos because they want to be noticed for what ever reason and once you upload enough movies and get enough comments you can be approved for YouTube Adsense for your videos. Sometimes I think about carrying a digital camera around with me and capturing the screwed up things the police do in my area. Then I would have to move far away, change my name and hide for a very long time.

If you notice how most of the time channels do not let you embed their YouTube videos. NBC and other stations do this and for a reason. You can actually go to their sites and get videos that enabled web site embedding.

Is embeding a NBC video on my blog the same as pirating?

No it's not just like when a company gives you a free pen with their logo or a radio station passes out bumper stickers and t-shirts. It's free advertising, people read t-shirts and you remember the company name on that pen your writing with.

NBC, CNN, FoxNews and many other sites provide the free blog embeding and provide a link on the video so you can visit their site. Running a blog of your own you notice the google ads now, even probably look for them. You will notice that some of these sites have google adsense and you will notice also that NBC ads are running on blogs that are displaying a NBC video.

On twitter a new follower had posted a link to their YouTube account, here is one I thought was cute.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Shareaholic FireFox Plugin - Submitting your site to social networks just got easier

Free advertisement Hack

The above post I talked a bit about clipmarks stating the reason it was good was because it gave you the opportunity to submit parts of your blog into a clipmark by taking image shots of your site than submitting it to a large variety of social networks. The problem with having a clipmark though is that they are spammed quite frequently.

After getting spammed again two times today I decided to see if firefox had anything better that would let me submit to popular social networks. My finding was a plugin for firefox called shareaholic. This is very simple to use once it is installed into your firefox browser. All you have to do is right click on the page that you would like to submit to social networks and they are all right there. At the very bottom of the shareaholic menu is a "Manage your Services" with even more choices of social networks that you can submit to.

When you click on the "Manage your Networks" tab you will be able to add even more of your favorite networks and a few others. Some include, blogger, gmail and simpy that are not listed at first. Already I have signed up for some and plan on signing up for more. The Yahoo Buzz is one of my favorites because readers interact with these quite often and you can start conversations about pages that you submit.

Clipmarks is still nice, letting you clip parts of your blog and other websites and than embedding it into a blog post. If the spamming becomes a problem there is even the choice of making all of your clips private and using it to clip videos and images from websites. Before uninstalling clipmarks think about pages that you would like to clip to enhance your visitors. For example, an eBay account you may have, you can clip your eBay auction and than embed it to your blog. Even clipping one blog post and embedding it into another one of your blogs is a good idea as well. If one blog receives more visitors than another and you have that post that you would really like to get noticed. Than you can just clip part of the blog post and show it off on your other blog.

I have noticed that my clips really do not come up in the search engine unless you get enough comments on them, but of course the only comments are spams which only push your clip down and bring their clip and/or web page up in a search.

Install Shareaholic Plugin for FireFox

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ideas About Starting A Home Based Business with BLOGS: Free advertisement Hack

Ideas About Starting A Home Based Business with BLOGS: Free advertisement Hack

The above post I mentioned about a few ways to advertise your blog and/or website for free. I wanted to update this, because the post seemed a bit vague. Some of my favorite ones that the search engines love are, ClipMarks, WidgetBox and of course posting to all the social networks.
TwitterFeed & FeedBurner: When you setup your FeedBurner account and than have your feeds automatically post to twitter via your TwitterFeed account, you can add an optional text to post with every twitter comment from your blog post. When you have this same text post over and over again into twitter, eventually it will come up in a google search engine under your twitter account.

If you go to google and type in "Elizabeth's Hot Topics", you will see that bethnesbitt (twitter) shows up. That is because with every blog post that posts to twitter it has the line Elizabeth's Hot Topics and after 500+ posts it eventually shows in a google search.

WidgetBox: The same goes for WidgetBox, but Widgetbox is better because certain search terms will show in the search engine through your choice of the WidgetBox Blog Network that you choose. The more posts you create, the higher up in rank you become in the WidgetBox network. This will give your blog priority in search engines. Right now Elizabeth's Hot Topics is #1 in the Musings Blog Network giving me that little bit of boost that I need. Adding images to each of your posts help also with WidgetBox, people interact more with pictures and widgetbox will replace your default image with one you added to your post. Now if somebody searches for something, for example a picture of a celebrity sneaking around with a secret lover, widgetbox will show that image.

In the above post I also stated about posting your archive widget to other social networks, such as MySpace and FaceBook. If somebody looks at my Facebook Wall, which is public, or MySpace blog, they will see my blogger posts and can visit if one shows that interests them, something that is free and very affective.

ClipMarks: Clipmarks is new but there are times your post can show up in a search engine, depending on how fast you post something. If to many people beat you to the punch of posting a top search-able blog post, than you will not show up as high up in the search engines. The reason why I like to use clipmarks is because it lets me post my clips to a large variety of search engines including the popular FaceBook, Twitter and Yahoo. The only problem with clipmarks are the spammers, so you have to keep up on it. Otherwise what happens are their spams leave a crud mark in the google search engine and brings your clip down.

One little tip I read somewhere is that when people add images to their blog from another website, this helps that website show in the google search, usually right above your blog post because you are using their image off of that particular site. This goes for anything else that you use to link from a website to your blog, for example, FoxNews or MSNBC news videos.

If you add an image, a quick way is to copy the image from the site, than paste it in your blog post while in compose mode. Next to remove the link, click the image to select it and now click the link button at the top of the blog post editor. Now just click the ok button without adding anything in the URL field. This will remove the link and than the picture will show up in images under your blog instead of theirs.

How to use feedburner, twitterfeed and clipmarks - YouTube Video

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What triggers more viruses over the internet?

Viruses are invented by these people who need money and anything could be considered a virus depending how it is distributed to you. Most know what the cookies are that save in your web browser cache while browsing the Internet until they either expire or you clear them out yourself. When you go to igoogle and save it as your home page, you are voluntarily installing cookies into your computer. The same goes for plugins that are firefox, Internet Explorer and chrome, you are doing it knowingly. Than you have the ones that do it in a sneakly way and reel in a few suckers.

With the huge Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, you probably know people are searching for leaked copies of it. This gives the trolls the opportunity to say they have it and than seventy-five percent of the time somebody goes back a second time just to see. Great idea when you are running advertisements. A few might say they have the video but your missing a codec to be able to watch it.

If it is a legitimate video or audio codec, there isn't much need for a codec that no other site has ever asked you for before, especially if you have to download an unknown executable.

Earlier somebody comment spammed my post "Virus Alert - Harry potter and the Half Blood Prince Streaming Video". Don't try this at home on windows unless you know what you are doing. I checked out the site and every single link tries to download the so called video codec they are saying you need. When you hoover your mouse over the link, look dow in your bottom left and you can see the link name. The site only had links pointing to the same domain name.

I am well aware of my ability to piss people off especially when they piss me off first. Somebody kept spamming my clips in clipmarks and the third time I was really annoyed, because when somebody runs around and drops their web link all over the place it brings their site to the top of the search engines, so annoying when it is for something that doesn't really exist. I went over to his clip and pretty much left a truck driver comment. Than he did it one more time, so I spammed every clip with, "Beware this site has a virus". That brings your site down in the search engines, and pretty fast. Well I am sad to say I can no longer leave comments on his clips anymore :O. Than later that night I found the block one and just use that. Because I check my email multiple times a day and set every important site to notfy me with comments, spam usually doesn't leave trails on any of my sites for very long.

This must make him really really mad because I'm watching you!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Watch YouTube videos in Twitter free - Power Twitter Review Part 2

Power Twitter Part 1

In the above link is my personal review on using an add-on in firefox called "Power Twitter". Tonight I noticed another feature that is even better than being able to tell if a person's tweet is a Google Blog, WordPress blog or a URL. You can setup your YouTube to tweet youtube videos, once you tweet the youtube video with power twitter, you can play the videos right in youtube.

If you want your site to get noticed, uploading YouTube videos will get you noticed, and appreciated. The followers that advertise SEO all the time are people as well. They even watch videos, click on links and when you are uploading something to youtube, they want to see what else you might have that they could use.

You can also advertise your YouTube Video in a ClipMarks. If you have something you would like people to see on your blog, you can clip part one of the video than save it in your Clips with a link pointing to where the person would like to watch the entire two hour video. Click here to see how clipmarks leave your blueprint on the Internet.

Install Power Twitter FireFox Addon and start watching your followers and your own YouTube Videos.

Free advertisement Hack

The hack part of the advertisement is actually legal. Using just the WidgetBox free membership, you can add it to a few other social networks. I added my blog archive type widget to my MySpace account and FaceBook account. Now when people look at my blog on MySpace they will see all of my blog posts.

I know that this widgetbox archive is something else to slow down my blog, but after doing a little test, I took it off for one day and my users went down, than I put it back up the next and my users went back up. Sorry people with the slower connection, it seems that more people have faster connections than people on dial-up these days.

As you can see, I added the WidgetBox YouTube widget to this blog, an advertisement for my YouTube Channel. It is only trial right now, but it would be well worth paying the $29.99 a year for pro membership.

When you are a pro member with WidgetBox, there are no advertisements of course, but that little YouTube widget is really neat. Last night I was playing around with the pro membership features, they give you that option under the trial membership although cannot publish it in their channel. As soon as I sign up as a pro member, people can click on my youtube videos and watch them in a new pop-up windows within my blog.

Being a pro member also lets you add other tabs to your widget, so you can run one widget with each of your blog posts, YouTube channel, twitter and a few other popular channels on the one widget. This lets you take all the other things you have on your blog and bulk it up into one widget which does help with space on your blog and speed.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Get more visitors to your blog how to make money using YouTube

YouTube is another great way to get visitor's to your blog. You do not have to use YouTube to post videos on your blog but uploading them as well is even better. If you are like me and are not a fan of recording yourself there are other types of videos that people like.

News, Television and humor to name a few. I tried making a recording of myself advertising my blog, but business videos do not seem that popular. Nobody wanted to see my cheesy web cam recording so it is gone now.

Over the weekend I decided to see what people wanted and interact more in YouTube and it worked! Once a few videos were uploaded, my blog visitor's went from 100-200 a day to over 1,000 overnight. There were a few times that the visitor count was close to 1,000 but it depends on the topic and that is not daily but more of a luck of the draw. YouTube has given me another blueprint in a Google Search.

One of the biggest issues lately are blog post titles and the number of duplicate titles out there. For one, if you have two-thousand people with an identical post title, you are not going to have much luck at being found in a search. Numbers are counted by page rank, number of posts and the uniqueness of your post title. Now if to many people have the exact same blog post title, your blog is just going to be lost in the shuffle with the rest.

Like I have said before, interacting with as many of Google powered sites as you can helps a great deal. You can use twitter, BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog to submit the same blog post title over and over again until you are found, but then you are just going to lose followers and people usually do not spend all of their time searching for one topic.

Working on it is what is important, using a variety of sites to leave a dent in a search. In a previous post I mentioned Clipmarks as a backlink, the more clipmarks you create, the better your chances are at being found. After I create my clipmark from my blog, it is then submitted to twitter, digg, facebook and yahoo. Last night I noticed that there was a yahoo submit option in clipmarks. Yahoo is another search engine, not as big as Google but big enough to get those visitors.

One last thing is, grammar, what is up with people getting at the top of search engines with the ghetto grammar in their blog posts. I feel a little embarrassed for them, the way you feel when the goofy guy would stand there and direct traffic before police came during an accident.

If you go to Google Trends and see what the top trends are, every now and than a blog will come right to the top with some terrible grammar but a quick refresh and it is gone. This is because their blog post is unique but than somebody comes along, copies the title and theirs is at the top until you have your two-thousand plus identical blog post titles.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Home Business with Google - Google Money tree and Google Money Kit scams

This is a huge search term and to find the answer to it is difficult. In my own opinion I always felt that the Google Money Tree and the Google home Business kit for only $3.00 was a scam as well.

Making money with Google is free and paying somebody to do this is only a waste. Here is a post in Google Groups that will tell you that these are scams. My motto is, if you have to pay for something that is free in the first place, than it has to be a scam. An example is Temporary agencies that want you to pay to get a temp job. How many times have you been told that you should never go with these agencies. Remember the buy a list of work at home companies book scam? It would list jobs such as stuffing envelopes, being an at home telemarketer and some other companies. When you called the company listed in the pamphlet they did not even exist.

Your jobless and broke, now why would you pay somebody to tell you how to get paid?

There are things that are necessary for a successful business that you may have to pay for.

1. Writing tips, good if you want to start a blog and keep the reader.

2. Financing - How to manage your money

3. Computer technology - Computer programming, web development and other useful PC skills that you may need to create a successful website and/or blog.

There are books out there that you can purchase, even college courses you can take. If you are unemployed or your income is very low, college courses are available and paid for through Financial Aide and other free scholarship programs that your local college offers.

If you do have a little money to through out there to start an on-line business, college courses are usually the best way to go. How many books can you honestly say you bought and actually sat down and read from beginning to end. After purchasing five books at $40.00-$50.00 per book, you have already paid for one college class.

Do an extensive search about anything on-line that may look suspicious or that you would just like to simply learn about. There is so much free information out there to get you started. There are even plenty of free forums, websites and blogs that offer instructions on computer programming and writing skills. The cost to print out a useful website or blog is much cheaper then going out and purchasing a book.

Here are some excellent sites on how to protect yourself from
Internet money scams.

Beware of Google Money Tree - Personal experience of somebody who got webbed in.
FTC: Business Opportunities - Video about how to notice Internet scams
Case Against International Spam Operation is First Using US SAFE WEB Act