Saturday, April 3, 2010

How to easily have spam mail blocked for free

Recently I posted my resume on my blog and than started recieving spam emails. After posting my resume, I was a little worried about getting spam mails and did start getting a few. Immediatly spam mails started being sent, but I never saw them except therough a message that google sent me warning me of possible spams. Something else that caught my attention was how blogger blocks out anybody who tries to leave a link to a site when they leave a comment. This is another nice little plus that you will not find on many other sites, and you will not see so easily done with outlook express.

What makes me snicker a little are peoples worry about google sites damaging their computers or sneaking spyware onto their PC when they visit a google site that is running on advertisements. They will sit for hours and hours playing games on websites that are loaded with advertisement spyware but worry about a google blog.