Friday, July 17, 2009

Shareaholic FireFox Plugin - Submitting your site to social networks just got easier

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The above post I talked a bit about clipmarks stating the reason it was good was because it gave you the opportunity to submit parts of your blog into a clipmark by taking image shots of your site than submitting it to a large variety of social networks. The problem with having a clipmark though is that they are spammed quite frequently.

After getting spammed again two times today I decided to see if firefox had anything better that would let me submit to popular social networks. My finding was a plugin for firefox called shareaholic. This is very simple to use once it is installed into your firefox browser. All you have to do is right click on the page that you would like to submit to social networks and they are all right there. At the very bottom of the shareaholic menu is a "Manage your Services" with even more choices of social networks that you can submit to.

When you click on the "Manage your Networks" tab you will be able to add even more of your favorite networks and a few others. Some include, blogger, gmail and simpy that are not listed at first. Already I have signed up for some and plan on signing up for more. The Yahoo Buzz is one of my favorites because readers interact with these quite often and you can start conversations about pages that you submit.

Clipmarks is still nice, letting you clip parts of your blog and other websites and than embedding it into a blog post. If the spamming becomes a problem there is even the choice of making all of your clips private and using it to clip videos and images from websites. Before uninstalling clipmarks think about pages that you would like to clip to enhance your visitors. For example, an eBay account you may have, you can clip your eBay auction and than embed it to your blog. Even clipping one blog post and embedding it into another one of your blogs is a good idea as well. If one blog receives more visitors than another and you have that post that you would really like to get noticed. Than you can just clip part of the blog post and show it off on your other blog.

I have noticed that my clips really do not come up in the search engine unless you get enough comments on them, but of course the only comments are spams which only push your clip down and bring their clip and/or web page up in a search.

Install Shareaholic Plugin for FireFox

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