Sunday, June 28, 2009

Create Free One Way Backlinks to Your Website - Get more twitter followers free

Ideas About Starting A Home Based Business with BLOGS: Create One Way Backlinks to Your Website - wikiHow

There is a Google trends that looked interesting saying that " jordan chandler admits he lied about Michael Jackson". Last night I did a more detailed search about it. Of course it's a lie and there is no reliable news source coming from it. It does give the blogger enough hits and people are even willing enough to comment about it also. This helps the blogger earn page rank with Google, just by starting this rumor.

The point is after doing a search to see if this was true I came across a site that the blogger was using called Clipmarks. Clipmarks lets you create another backlink. This is neat because you do not have to install anything on your blog if you do not want to. What it is though is a very useful FireFox add-on that you can use that will create backlinks to your blog. You can clip a section of your blog post and have another link pointing to your blog. You can also use the add-on when you are searching the web simply by clipping sections of pages and posting them to your blog, having it twittered and a few other popular social networks.

When I searched for the rumor Google trend about "Jordan Chandler Admits he lied about Michael Jackson" I saw that the blogger who started the rumor came up three times, his blog, widgetbox and clipmarks. You can see how a clipmark looks on a blog by visiting my Elizabeth's Hot Topics and also how a clipmark looks when you clip sections from your blog at My Clips

My favorite social network option is the ability to twit^rev and digg it because as soon as it goes to twitter it posts to all my other social networks because of my TwitterFeed setup. If you never used twit^rev before what it does is gives you a suggested user to follow everytime you twit your clipmark. Once you follow them you earn points and then become a suggested user to follow on twitter as well. This is an easy way to get at least one-hundred twitter followers a day.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Nine Nasty Online Scams You Need to Be Aware Of"

Internet scams have been around for years, but the Federal Trade Commission’s recent crackdown on robocallers pushing car warrantees has put a spotlight on the thousands of tactics used by scammers to bilk Americans out of millions. -

1. Asian Invasion: The "Asian Extortion Scam" targets business owners, mostly of Asian decent, with death threats and other violence. Scammers pluck personal information about their targets from online searches and use the sensitive data to make victims feel vulnerable. The extortionists, who appear to be calling from outside the U.S., generally demand between $10,000 and $30,000 — though the FBI says there have been no reports of actual violence stemming from the schemes.

2. Mystery Shopping Scam: Some companies pay "mystery shoppers" to act as sample customers and test out the service at stores, banks and restaurants. But scammers are now targeting stay-at-home moms with "opportunities" to be defrauded of thousands of dollars. Victims receive a letter in the mail from a company offering about $400 for shopping at a few stores, along with a check for thousands of dollars to fund the purchases. The victim deposits the check into their back account, stops by a few stores and is then asked to wire about $2,000 back to the company. But when the original check bounces, victims are out the $2,000 they wired back — plus all the money they spent to go shopping.

3. Hit Man Scam: In the Hit Man e-mail scheme, scammers send letters claiming that the boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse of the recipient has arranged for their death. "It would say something like, 'Your boyfriend paid $30,000 to have you killed, but if you pay me $15,000 it won’t happen,'" Kolko told Another version says a loved one will be kidnapped unless an advance ransom is paid out immediately, naming specific relatives (information found courtesy of — you guessed it — more online searches). Kolko said some recipients feel anxious when the sender names their loved ones, which can make them more apt to believe the threat is authentic.

4. Million Dollar Scam: If you're offered a shot on the "Oprah Millionaire Contest Show," you're not going to be the lucky winner of $1 million — you're the target of a new scam. In order to participate, recipients of the scam e-mail must first send their contact information and are required to buy airfare and a ticket to the show in advance. Victims are later asked to fill out questionnaires seeking detailed personal information, which can put them at risk for identity theft. Other scammers have been mailing counterfeit checks with a letter that claims recipients they have won the "Oprah Show Summer Sweepstakes" — a contest that ended in 2006.

5. Grandparents Scam: "Hi grandma, it's your favorite grandson," says a scammer on the line. "Tommy, is that you?" "Yes, grandma, it's Tommy. Listen, my wallet was just stolen and I've lost all of my money. Do you think you could send me some to make it through the end of the month?" Unsuspecting victims, momentarily confused or suffering from hearing loss, go along with the story and wire money out — up to $15,000 in the case of one giving grandmother who thought she was sending $15,000 to help cover an auto accident, according to the Better Business Bureau.

6. Military Wheels: People posing as U.S. troops have been posting to classifieds Web sites offering cars on the cheap that they have to sell quickly before being deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq. The scams typically claim there is a third-party protection program to ensure a safe transaction, but when payments are sent to the "secure" service, victims either don't receive the car, or get stolen vehicles or ones with a salvaged title.

7. Jury Scam: Victims of the Jury Scam get an e-mail containing a fake subpoena ordering recipients to testify before a grand jury, complete with seemingly genuine details like your name, a case number and court seal. But the e-mails contain malware that can ruin a computer. Another version of the scam involves a phone call in which the caller claims to be a jury coordinator and intimidates victims into revealing personal information. Once the caller gets a victim's Social Security Number and birth date, it's all over.

8. Border Bust: Spam claiming to be from a former assistant commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Patrol says a foreign diplomat has been stopped with a consignment of thousands or even millions of dollars, which was found to be an inheritance for the recipient. Victims who get drawn in receive more e-mails claiming it is a crime to carry the consignment into the U.S., and demands personal information and a $250 fee to prove the recipient was not involved in a terrorist act. If they fail to do so, the spammers tell their victims they are proving they intended to smuggle the money into the U.S., which is a federal offense. Victims never receive a dime but will continue to get e-mails demanding more money for fees in connection with getting their "inheritance."

9. FBI Scams: The FBI says there have been "tons of complaints" about e-mails from people claiming to be FBI agents. Some appear to be from the Internet Crime Complaint Center and say the recipient has extorted money and must refund the money or face prosecution. Others, from the non-existent Anti-Terrorist and Monetary Crimes Division, inform recipients that they are the beneficiary of millions in inheritance. To claim the money, recipients must supply their full name, address and bank account number. Scammers even incorporate the names of top FBI executives into their e-mails by reading authentic FBI press releases, lending an air of credibility.

This is a good article about scams to beware of. You may have come across a few of these already. The Mystery Shopper Scam is one of the most well known. If you do a Google search for this, you will be amazed at the number of ads that come up. These companies go to great lengths to even buy an adword slot to show up in a Google searc.

Just because you see it when you do a Google search does not mean it is legitimate. Anybody can buy an ad placement in Google. Anybody can be targeted by these scams.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The screaming advertisement is telling me my blog sucks?

This advertisement is terrible, you know the one you see everywhere, hacker sites used to have them back in the day all the time.

"CONGRATULATIONS YOU WON" - Then it has a seizure.
I am embarrassed about the that advertisement. It makes my dog, Mimzy, run around her cage and bark. Then you have to let her out of the cage so she can run around and make sure it is the computer. What's worse is when you can't get it back then it takes longer to get Mimzy back in her cage. She wants to check everywhere and make sure there isn't a man sneaking in the house. If I'm lucky a quick refresh gives me luck and it screams "CONGRATULATIONS YOU WON".

One time I was at a friends house and did a Google search visit for a blog post to see what type of ads my blog would pull up from a different IP. I wanted to get the perspective of somebody viewing my blog behind a different IP and on a separate computer. My blog screamed "CONGRATULATIONS YOU WON" FROM HIS SPEAKERS, OOPS. He was shaving and he yelped Nothing happened but his yelp made it quite funny since he didn't slice his neck open.

Since the ads are on my blog, I'm curious what other people are seeing from different points of visits on the Internet. Here are a few ways I figure blog visits come up by various types of visits, and what type of ads you will see.

1. Your search engine visit by post
2. When you pull you blog up in the search engine by the blog title.
3. Pulling your blog up by direct visit
4. Viewing your blog through a social network as a second party reader.

Doing a search for your blog and visiting via the search engine gives you an idea from your own computer. There are ways advertisements pick up visits, the secret termer picker upper recognizes them. Even were you place the advertisement on your blog and/or website.

I moved the spaze ad to the bottom of my blog but on the top when you get enough visits you get the neat ads. Business term blogs are a dime a dozen so the hits aren't as often, the business Blogs numbers are really really big.

Twitter is interesting, mostly I read things. Twitter confuses me, if you log in you see and see a random @somebody but if they have been @ing for an hour, that is alot of @ing and tinyurling you have to go through. Does anybody actually do that, spaze ad?

Not sure what to really say in twitter, there are so many chirps. If the twitter bird follows you do you think they are investigating you? It seems like every time you visit a link on twitter, it is somebody trying to sell you a so called program on how to get more followers on twitter. Here is a little kicker for you, read Making Progress on Spam and then tell me if you can get 4,000 followers, other add says we mean 4,100? That ad is embarrassing also, are the advertisers punishing me intentionally?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Post free videos on your blog

Accidentally tripped over another free site for your blog.

This morning Google Trends search was for True Blood Season Two Episode Two. After watching it lastnight in complete awe, I knew there had to be a site that offered video embeding besides just YouTube. After a little search I came across a very nice site that has just that.

Social Entertainment Network - Video Search Engine - Yidio is so awesome and free. They offer full news coverage, movies, television episodes and much more in HD. Embedding is also provided and works right in your blog posts. Most of you know that videos keeps visitors on sites, and it is so much easier when people want to know about something but you are just not sure how to write a post about it.

A quick line and a video is always helpful. You can now watch the entire season of True Blood Season Two Episode Two, "Keep the Party Going" right on Elizabeth's Hot Topics Blog.

News topics tend to be a tough one for me. There are times I can write about my opinion and then other times I'm just not sure what to say. Politics can leave me so undecided much of the time. You can have a strong feeling about something one day and then something happens the next that makes you change your mind.

Just a little tip, when you find sites that offer things like this, make sure they are safe with Google Ads. One hint that you may be allowed to post certain videos on your blog is, when you see Google Ads on their site, then it is pretty safe to say that it is probably legitamate. Although, that may not always mean that they are legitamate, maybe Google just hasn't picked up on them yet. Here is a little tool that lets you know if the site is safe or not, this is also very hand for those twitter tweeters that try to get you to sign up for their so called get twitter followers programs.

Open the site you want to check on then in the address bar enter this:

From there you can see if the site is safe or not.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

How to get your page rank up with posts

A Google search about getting your page rank up told me a few new things. One way your page rank goes up is how many people link back to your blog. Having the "backlink enabled for posts" in your settings -> comment has a few advantages as well as a few disadvantages.

When somebody clicks on the links to this post they have the option of stealing your post but Google also sees that as a popularity backlink and it helps in the search engines. Overnight my visitor hit quadrupled.

Some ways that helped my page rank go up was, of course, posting often especially on my Elizabeth's Hot Topics Blog.

Whenever a particular topic looks like it could be a good topic, even if it is not a top one-hundred trends, the following day or even a few hours later it can be a top ten Google Trend. Because you wrote an article about something that seemed like an interesting news article ahead of time gives you the advantage to receive more hits. Not all Google Trends are the best thing to do a blog post about, some are even so brief they aren't worth writing about. There are some articles on my Elizabeth's Hot Topics blog that was just a waste of my time but it also put my page rank up with google because it's another post.

The MyBlogLog gadget lets me know what are the most clicked on links, and my "Link Back to This Post" for a few posts are in the top five most clicked. At first I was going to take off the backlinks with the thought that people are stealing my posts. Than the realization after reading about Google Page Rank is that maybe this is possibly why overnight my success went up so quickly.

A hard lesson learned yesterday was content. Posting a picture of Demi Moore's big ugly bush with a bar over it and linking to the actual picture is considered non friendly family material. The real kicker though is an image of Calvin Klein's billboard in NYC is just fine. So Demi Moore's Bush is out and Calvin Klein's jean orgy advertisement is okay, go figure.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Make more with adsense

Google adsense is great to earn money but when you are first starting out it isn't always enough. A couple of other adsense sites that I have been using are WidgetBucks and Chitika.

WidgetBucks uses adsense widgets with pop-under ads. You earn more and you also earn 15% for twelve months per referral. If you are running more than one blog or website make sure that you add each of your sites to their list. Otherwise you will see only page impressions and no earnings. When setting up your ads also make sure you set up each ad for each site individually shortcuts can be damaging. Take it from somebody who learned the hard way.

Chitika is the other adsense that I use. They don't seem to really pay very good, but it does help your google adsense clickthrough rate. Chitika seems to make your google adsense clicks worth more. It also help you come up in the search engines. If somebody does a search for mortages for example, your blog will come up even if your blog has nothing to do with mortages. Chtika also counts your google adsense clicks towards your chitika. That means if you receive two google adsense clicks that is equal to two chitika clicks as well and you end up earning double. If somebody visits your blog directly they will not see the Chitika ad unless they recently did a google search for something that a chitika ad has.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Twitter Online System is a SCAM alert

How to earn money with the real Twitter Online System. Three easy steps to get more followers and make more money with twitter.

It is a scam, and if you think you are getting more followers because of them, you aren't. If you want more followers on twitter, then put a twitter link with your twitter URL on your blog, exspecially your high traffic blog. If you use twitter for chatting and do not want to see all the messages from other people, then sign up a seperate account.

1. Go to FeedBurner and register an account
2. Go to Friendster and and register an account
3. Now go to twitterfeed and register an account or login with your OpenID

If the TwitterOnlineSystem was legit, then why:
a. Do not have any Google ads
b. Why aren't they on twitter

If you already have not done so, go an sign up for every social network. Then add them to your Friendster and accounts.

If something sounds to good to be true, then it probably is. There is no reason to pay somebody else money to tell you how to use twitter, twitterfeed, feedburner and google friend connevt. Here is a another help on My Wiki Blog about how to get more visitors to your blog using Twitter Tweets.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Get 200+ visitor hits daily with backlinks

A few days ago somebody told me they did not like OutBrain because it spammed their blog. Having somebody else's blog post title on your may seem threatening, don't let it. OutBrain creates backlinks, and if you have heard before that backlinks are great for more hits, it is true.

My earlier post about the Pyzam Three Column Blogger Template is another backlink.Now when somebody does a search for Pyzam Three Column, you will notice that "My Wiki" Blog comes up a few times, but so does this blog. Go on and give it a try, nice isn't it?

If somebody is using outbrain on another blog, and my post is a close enough match to their post, that is another backlink. So again, don't feel threatened about other blogs "Spamming your blog". This is a good thing, your blog is on their blog and their blog is on your blog which means you have another backlink. The more backlinks you have, the more you come up on the search engines.

Here is an example of some free ways to receive more backlinks:
Link one blog post to another blog post
Google Webmaster tools
Leave a comment on somebodies blog with your Google OpenID

Now that you have backlinks established, now what you need is a great blog post, something that will make people come and visit your blog. A few ways that work are searching other blogs that are common to your blog for interesting topics. StumbleUpon is a FireFox addon, you are able to Stumble on different sites of your choice or use the custom search. The best for last is Google Trends. Google Trends lists the top one-hundred recent search terms, take a look at the top ten, pick one that you think is an interesting topic and use it.

My recent post about "Experts says that Dome built over Houston TX not only will help from Catagory Five Hurricanes, but may also help the environment!" Elizabeth's Hot Topics Blog was the highest visitor hit I have ever made. Look at that, I just created another backlink.

If you look at the OutBrain below my blog, you will see that nobody else has posted it yet. This gives me the advantage of more visitors, and as soon as somebody does post it, this will give me another backlink.