Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to get more visitors to your site

A few weeks ago I mentioned how using Google Groups to earn visitors to your site works quite well. The past few days I got a bit lazy and had not been visiting Google Groups. Last week after posting a couple of tips in the help forums, my visitor count went up and than it went back down. The other day I decided it was time to stop being lazy and visited Google Groups again and helped a few people out. Immediately after my visitor count went up quite a bit than again suddenly dropped. After a bit of thought I realized that it must have a great impact on my visitors so now I try to at least find 6-10 questions that I can answer and it really does help. Google groups is a great way to learn things yourself as you help people out.

A few weeks ago somebody was having a problem with deleting extra contacts in their gmail account. Whenever you receive a spam mail, the spammer's email address is added to your contacts. After looking around in my own gmail to see if there was a way yet to delete the extra contacts, I found the solution.

All you need to do is click on contacts in your left column and in the new window you will see a list of all of your contacts. You just simply tick the ones you want to remove and than click the delete button. I learned something new and she was finally able to fix her problem and this help also gave me a best answer in the group.

Of course the right post helps as well. This post for example, is a huge search for the Erin Andrews Peephole Video. Following that news item has been very successful as well as finding websites with videos that you can embed as well. The two combined will guarantee to give you 300+ visitors daily. Videos on your site will earn you money and so will having something to offer. For every so many megabytes that a person uses on your site, you earn a penny. Although, I am not sure how many megabytes for every penny.

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