Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Free advertisement Hack

The hack part of the advertisement is actually legal. Using just the WidgetBox free membership, you can add it to a few other social networks. I added my blog archive type widget to my MySpace account and FaceBook account. Now when people look at my blog on MySpace they will see all of my blog posts.

I know that this widgetbox archive is something else to slow down my blog, but after doing a little test, I took it off for one day and my users went down, than I put it back up the next and my users went back up. Sorry people with the slower connection, it seems that more people have faster connections than people on dial-up these days.

As you can see, I added the WidgetBox YouTube widget to this blog, an advertisement for my YouTube Channel. It is only trial right now, but it would be well worth paying the $29.99 a year for pro membership.

When you are a pro member with WidgetBox, there are no advertisements of course, but that little YouTube widget is really neat. Last night I was playing around with the pro membership features, they give you that option under the trial membership although cannot publish it in their channel. As soon as I sign up as a pro member, people can click on my youtube videos and watch them in a new pop-up windows within my blog.

Being a pro member also lets you add other tabs to your widget, so you can run one widget with each of your blog posts, YouTube channel, twitter and a few other popular channels on the one widget. This lets you take all the other things you have on your blog and bulk it up into one widget which does help with space on your blog and speed.

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