Friday, July 31, 2009

Make a youtube video from an image

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There are so many people using YouTube daily that the different possiblities to be able to receive more hits to your site is mind boggeling. Just think of all the people that use YouTube every single day to listen to music, and watch various types of videos. All of those YouTube users could be visiting your site.

What you need though is to find what people want, what is big right now. When you do a search in YouTube after punching the first two or three letters on your keyboard the drop down gives you suggestions. These suggestions are generated when many people are searching for the same thing. An example is, type in Michael Jackson and you will notice how many different search suggestions come up.

I have figured out a way to take an image and import a song to go with the image into a mpeg that can be uploaded to YouTube. Now you can of course use just an image, but this will only make a thirty-eight second video and those type of videos usually do not receive as many views. The ones that receive the most hits are the longer running ones, which is why you need some type of background sound. After testing one without sound and one with sound, I found that the silent one only received 17 views in a period of eight hours. So I re-created the video with a background MP3 and it received 17 views in a period of one hour.

Here is one that I just uploaded to advertise a blog post:

Note the title of the video, it is honest and it has two popular search terms, Michael Jackson Memorial and his song butterflies. The program handout isn't as a big search term from users, because most would not assume this would be a YouTube video, so you have to be creative with your video names as well. Also, you will see the annotation at the top. In the video description is where you put the URL to your blog and/or blog post. This makes an easy click that will redirect right to your site, you can also integrate your site URL into the video, which I will show you in a tutorial.

How to create a YouTube video from an image and MP3.

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