Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ideas About Starting A Home Based Business with BLOGS: Free advertisement Hack

Ideas About Starting A Home Based Business with BLOGS: Free advertisement Hack

The above post I mentioned about a few ways to advertise your blog and/or website for free. I wanted to update this, because the post seemed a bit vague. Some of my favorite ones that the search engines love are, ClipMarks, WidgetBox and of course posting to all the social networks.
TwitterFeed & FeedBurner: When you setup your FeedBurner account and than have your feeds automatically post to twitter via your TwitterFeed account, you can add an optional text to post with every twitter comment from your blog post. When you have this same text post over and over again into twitter, eventually it will come up in a google search engine under your twitter account.

If you go to google and type in "Elizabeth's Hot Topics", you will see that bethnesbitt (twitter) shows up. That is because with every blog post that posts to twitter it has the line Elizabeth's Hot Topics and after 500+ posts it eventually shows in a google search.

WidgetBox: The same goes for WidgetBox, but Widgetbox is better because certain search terms will show in the search engine through your choice of the WidgetBox Blog Network that you choose. The more posts you create, the higher up in rank you become in the WidgetBox network. This will give your blog priority in search engines. Right now Elizabeth's Hot Topics is #1 in the Musings Blog Network giving me that little bit of boost that I need. Adding images to each of your posts help also with WidgetBox, people interact more with pictures and widgetbox will replace your default image with one you added to your post. Now if somebody searches for something, for example a picture of a celebrity sneaking around with a secret lover, widgetbox will show that image.

In the above post I also stated about posting your archive widget to other social networks, such as MySpace and FaceBook. If somebody looks at my Facebook Wall, which is public, or MySpace blog, they will see my blogger posts and can visit if one shows that interests them, something that is free and very affective.

ClipMarks: Clipmarks is new but there are times your post can show up in a search engine, depending on how fast you post something. If to many people beat you to the punch of posting a top search-able blog post, than you will not show up as high up in the search engines. The reason why I like to use clipmarks is because it lets me post my clips to a large variety of search engines including the popular FaceBook, Twitter and Yahoo. The only problem with clipmarks are the spammers, so you have to keep up on it. Otherwise what happens are their spams leave a crud mark in the google search engine and brings your clip down.

One little tip I read somewhere is that when people add images to their blog from another website, this helps that website show in the google search, usually right above your blog post because you are using their image off of that particular site. This goes for anything else that you use to link from a website to your blog, for example, FoxNews or MSNBC news videos.

If you add an image, a quick way is to copy the image from the site, than paste it in your blog post while in compose mode. Next to remove the link, click the image to select it and now click the link button at the top of the blog post editor. Now just click the ok button without adding anything in the URL field. This will remove the link and than the picture will show up in images under your blog instead of theirs.

How to use feedburner, twitterfeed and clipmarks - YouTube Video

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