Monday, July 6, 2009

Get more visitors to your blog how to make money using YouTube

YouTube is another great way to get visitor's to your blog. You do not have to use YouTube to post videos on your blog but uploading them as well is even better. If you are like me and are not a fan of recording yourself there are other types of videos that people like.

News, Television and humor to name a few. I tried making a recording of myself advertising my blog, but business videos do not seem that popular. Nobody wanted to see my cheesy web cam recording so it is gone now.

Over the weekend I decided to see what people wanted and interact more in YouTube and it worked! Once a few videos were uploaded, my blog visitor's went from 100-200 a day to over 1,000 overnight. There were a few times that the visitor count was close to 1,000 but it depends on the topic and that is not daily but more of a luck of the draw. YouTube has given me another blueprint in a Google Search.

One of the biggest issues lately are blog post titles and the number of duplicate titles out there. For one, if you have two-thousand people with an identical post title, you are not going to have much luck at being found in a search. Numbers are counted by page rank, number of posts and the uniqueness of your post title. Now if to many people have the exact same blog post title, your blog is just going to be lost in the shuffle with the rest.

Like I have said before, interacting with as many of Google powered sites as you can helps a great deal. You can use twitter, BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog to submit the same blog post title over and over again until you are found, but then you are just going to lose followers and people usually do not spend all of their time searching for one topic.

Working on it is what is important, using a variety of sites to leave a dent in a search. In a previous post I mentioned Clipmarks as a backlink, the more clipmarks you create, the better your chances are at being found. After I create my clipmark from my blog, it is then submitted to twitter, digg, facebook and yahoo. Last night I noticed that there was a yahoo submit option in clipmarks. Yahoo is another search engine, not as big as Google but big enough to get those visitors.

One last thing is, grammar, what is up with people getting at the top of search engines with the ghetto grammar in their blog posts. I feel a little embarrassed for them, the way you feel when the goofy guy would stand there and direct traffic before police came during an accident.

If you go to Google Trends and see what the top trends are, every now and than a blog will come right to the top with some terrible grammar but a quick refresh and it is gone. This is because their blog post is unique but than somebody comes along, copies the title and theirs is at the top until you have your two-thousand plus identical blog post titles.

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