Thursday, July 2, 2009

Home Business with Google - Google Money tree and Google Money Kit scams

This is a huge search term and to find the answer to it is difficult. In my own opinion I always felt that the Google Money Tree and the Google home Business kit for only $3.00 was a scam as well.

Making money with Google is free and paying somebody to do this is only a waste. Here is a post in Google Groups that will tell you that these are scams. My motto is, if you have to pay for something that is free in the first place, than it has to be a scam. An example is Temporary agencies that want you to pay to get a temp job. How many times have you been told that you should never go with these agencies. Remember the buy a list of work at home companies book scam? It would list jobs such as stuffing envelopes, being an at home telemarketer and some other companies. When you called the company listed in the pamphlet they did not even exist.

Your jobless and broke, now why would you pay somebody to tell you how to get paid?

There are things that are necessary for a successful business that you may have to pay for.

1. Writing tips, good if you want to start a blog and keep the reader.

2. Financing - How to manage your money

3. Computer technology - Computer programming, web development and other useful PC skills that you may need to create a successful website and/or blog.

There are books out there that you can purchase, even college courses you can take. If you are unemployed or your income is very low, college courses are available and paid for through Financial Aide and other free scholarship programs that your local college offers.

If you do have a little money to through out there to start an on-line business, college courses are usually the best way to go. How many books can you honestly say you bought and actually sat down and read from beginning to end. After purchasing five books at $40.00-$50.00 per book, you have already paid for one college class.

Do an extensive search about anything on-line that may look suspicious or that you would just like to simply learn about. There is so much free information out there to get you started. There are even plenty of free forums, websites and blogs that offer instructions on computer programming and writing skills. The cost to print out a useful website or blog is much cheaper then going out and purchasing a book.

Here are some excellent sites on how to protect yourself from
Internet money scams.

Beware of Google Money Tree - Personal experience of somebody who got webbed in.
FTC: Business Opportunities - Video about how to notice Internet scams
Case Against International Spam Operation is First Using US SAFE WEB Act

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