Saturday, July 18, 2009

Other ways to use Videos to promote your blog

You can have your great big video advertisement bumper sticker on your blog with the ads to go with it.

My post on My Wikis about using CoComment and Intense Debate together so you can use FaceBook connect along with leaving a comment with a YouTube Video. They work together quite well. CoComment keeps track of your comments and with the FireFox CoComment add-on. I like being able to keep track of my comments and the past few days I've left quite a few and it helps as much as having a decent page rank.

Subscribing to YouTube gets you noticed. I posted a video months ago but wasn't really using YouTube for anything until the past few weeks. When using the YouTube videos people seem to find you faster. Suddenly I am getting invites to subscribe to users but also subscribing and commenting on other videos also helps.

People make videos because they want to be noticed for what ever reason and once you upload enough movies and get enough comments you can be approved for YouTube Adsense for your videos. Sometimes I think about carrying a digital camera around with me and capturing the screwed up things the police do in my area. Then I would have to move far away, change my name and hide for a very long time.

If you notice how most of the time channels do not let you embed their YouTube videos. NBC and other stations do this and for a reason. You can actually go to their sites and get videos that enabled web site embedding.

Is embeding a NBC video on my blog the same as pirating?

No it's not just like when a company gives you a free pen with their logo or a radio station passes out bumper stickers and t-shirts. It's free advertising, people read t-shirts and you remember the company name on that pen your writing with.

NBC, CNN, FoxNews and many other sites provide the free blog embeding and provide a link on the video so you can visit their site. Running a blog of your own you notice the google ads now, even probably look for them. You will notice that some of these sites have google adsense and you will notice also that NBC ads are running on blogs that are displaying a NBC video.

On twitter a new follower had posted a link to their YouTube account, here is one I thought was cute.

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