Saturday, June 26, 2010

Finding what readers want and blogging about it

How did I get over Two Hundred visitors on a few of my select blogs overnight?

Sharing a common interest so that when you blog about it other's can relate, this is foremost important.  A common interest, such as a game, religion or a type of business, than you need to find a popular interest.

One example is a blog I created just over a month ago about a popular game on facebook called "FarmVille".  The blog's name is FarmVille's Tips & Tricks and just by one day finding a useful tip in the game, overnight people who tried the tip, found it worked shared it with other facebook friends who shared it and it spread like wild fire.  The blog went from 10 visitors to over 100 a day and is growing by the day just because of the little tip.

Another thing that keeps my readers on my blog a little longer is the marquee script in blogger.  This is the easiest html you will ever add to a blog, click here to see how to add scrolling marquee text to your blog, every time somebody sits and reads a line of marquee you will earn from your Google adsense.  Click here to see the post that has earned me over 200 visitor hits daily across my four blogs.

Another blog I have is my Elizabeth's Miscalleneous Topics, which has a large variety of topics, Youtube videos, news and other things that interest me and are hot google trending topics of the day, week or even month.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ways to earn from your Google blog

There are a few ways you actually earn money from your blog.  If you ever noticed that sometimes you have a few pennies here and there on some days and than non on others?  This is because somebody left you a comment and depending on the blog the comment can be worth more.  The higher the page rank of your blog, the more the comment is worth, although, I am unsure of the exact amount.

Another way that you earn money from your Google blog is, each time a reader follows your blog.  This, of course, also depends on the page rank of your blog.  If you blog does not have a rank of any type, then you will not earn and the lower the rank the less the money.  Nobody is exactly sure of how much you earn since it probably depends on topics, advertisements and other Google terms of earning on your site.

Now you ask, how do I get a higher page rank?  Well you need to receive comments and visitors to your blog.  For every 1,000 actual visitors your page rank will go up, and for every so many comments left on your blog, your rank will also increase.  Now how do you get visitors to your blog is the next question, social networking is one way.  Unique topics is another way and if you can think of a topic before anybody else and it ages this will possibly give you leverage in being found via a Google search.  Another way to earn is having interesting topics on your blog and receiving click through.  Each time somebody clicks a link to another topic on your blog, you will earn and of course this depends on your blogs page rank.

Through out my blog are various topics on how I have received visitors to my blog, with a little hard work and reading of course, but it works.  Everything here is free of charge so feel free to use anything and good luck!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Several ways to receive visitors to your blog via facebook

Sunday I decided it was time to find new options to find ways to get more visitors to my blogs and it has been awesome!  First off, props to facebook for making it possible for us little people to get our blogs noticed, even if it is only 50-100 a day, that is better than 2-10 a day like before.

We know about the like buttons and share buttons you see on blog posts, you can read this post, "Going all the way, how to make the perfect social networking buttons for your blogs".  This post offers the script and how to add it to your blogger HTML.  That seemed to help me receive visitors, a little bit more but not much.  Now I went up to about 15-20 per day, this was not going to cut it so I decided to add a login button to my blog, success now I am up to 25-30 a day, yet....I needed more.

That is when I decided to create my blog pages on facebook, here is my list of pages:

Ideas about starting a home based business from blogs - On FaceBook
Farmville Tips & Tricks
Elizabeth's Opinionated News Topics
Elizabeth's Blogger Wikis

You can create Websites, applications and fan pages for your blogs/websites.  There is even more to facebook that many do not know about, getting into network blogs.  Not just simply posting the network blogs badge on your site and hoping that somebody clicks on it to follow but really interacting with it.  Networked blogs has a discussion board and if you want to watch your visitor count go up just by interacting back and forth than click here to interact on Network blog's discussion board.

You can post your blog on it and you may get a few hits but if you visit other blogs, leave comments, follow blogs that you haven't followed and do this daily your hits will go up.

Building a Web Site For DummiesWeb Design For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Wikis: How to make a facebook button for blogger - full code

My Wikis: How to make a facebook button for blogger - full code

I wrote a blog post on this blog on how to make your own facebook login button. Please feel free to ask me any questions if it seems to difficult.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Going all the way - Create your facebook app and promote your blog

Facebook is the largest and most popular with almost social networking sites out there.  Totaling a number of approximately 500,000,000 users, there are so many people, places and things that you can do with facebook, it can be mind boggling.

Interacting with facebook is one of the best and most successful ways in getting started with your business.  Interaction on any social network will get you started, even if you prefer myspace.  What is nice about facebook though is the type of interaction they have compared to other social networks, which is why it is #1 in social networking in the first place.  Facebook has application makers, games, chat, advertising, I could just go on and on.

A few of these FaceBook applications are, Networked Blogs, Social Plugins and Applications.  These are ways to promote your sites, each site seperatly and earn more visitors daily.  Setting them up is time consuming and you need plenty of patience, but the rewards are worth it.

Networked Blogs - Facebook has a blog network, different bloggers from all over networked together to read share each other's blogs.  Networked blogs also has a follow button that you can use to have readers follow your blog.

Social Plugins - Create your own button for your blog, like buttons, like boxes, facebook connect buttons and a few others.

Applications - Create your own application that people can use with facebook.  Farmville, petsville and many other are just naming some of the thousands of popular facebook applications that millions of users use daily.

FaceBook Login Button - Your own professional looking Facebook Login Button.  Enable users to login to your website/blog using the facebook connect button and get the look and feel of professionalism.

If you look in my sidebar you can see that I have started my own fan page for my Ideas about starting a Home based business from Blogs.  This is a great way to advertise to people, you can even send out broadcasts to users to visit your blog everytime you update your site.  My point is, if you haven't gone deep into facebook's applications, now is the time to do so if you need and want to become a successful business entrepreneur.