Friday, March 23, 2012

Give your blog a bit of pizaz with a banners, animated text or animated banners
When starting your own business, as you may well know, advertising is essential in getting the word out. There are sites that allow you to create your own banner for advertising that can be posted on variety of sites. These banners can be very important when advertising your business on sites that charge a fee for advertisement, such as Google. Google Blogs have an option where you can replace your regular blog title with animated text, banners an other options.  There are quite a few sites out there.  The above banner was actually created with a site called Bannerfan.  This is a quick and easy banner that allows you to post the HTML code to a variety of sites.

The above banner was created using  A Google search will give you many options, these two sites though are pretty easy to work with. FlashVortex also has the option of allowing you to enter your site link so that the banner is clickable. Of Course, if you are a knowledgable in using imaging programs for creating your own banner, you can easily created an animated banner using something like PhotoShop or Gimp for your blog title. I used Google Sites to upload my that was created on my new business page, "Elizabeth's Digital Business Cards".
Click Here to See how my banner looks on my site as a title

This above banner was created using Gimp, which is suggested if you can create your own custom banner that suites your own sites image.  This will receive the most notice and the feeling of accomplishment will help you to move forward successfully with your business.  After this banner was created, it was uploaded it here so that it was easily accessible to post on sites.  Whenever this banner is updated using the same name and re-uploading it to Google Sites Image section,  it will than be updated on every site over the internet where it has been posted.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Create a free digital business card - receive more hits to your blog

Because this blog is all about how to earn more visitors to your site without paying anything, I am going to tell you another way of doing this by creating a digital business card. Next you are going to learn how to distribute that business card and earn more hits to your website/blog at no charge. Business cards are great incentive for advertising your business, yet, can be quite expensive when printing and passing them out.  Next the business card will usually be reused for having a telephone number written on the back of it and next, shoved deep into somebodies wallet.

Now imagine being able to create a digital business card, at no charge, that could be posted on your website, distributed throughout the social networks and emailed to prospective customers. This actually can be achieved simply by creating your own business card in a document processing program, like mine below, exporting it into Google Docs and from there Google docs allows you to distribute it in many different ways, including pasting it onto your website in an IFrame. Once you import the business card into google docs, in the top right corner is a share button.  Click on that and you will see that there is the option to share your business card document in, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.  The best way to upload your business card is in a PDF format, this way it is protected from being edited and most websites support the PDF format.

You can create your own Digital Business Card in a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word or Openoffice. OpenOffice is a 100% free and safe Office program that supports, spreadsheets, word processing and PowerPoint.

Starting as low as $25.00 you can purchase your own Digital Business Card, just visit me @ Elizabeth's Digital Business Cards for more information.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Create your own personal customized images for each blog posts, Facebook cover and blog title - attract the attention of more visitors

In a few previous posts on this blog it has been suggested that for creating images for your sites as an option.  Since than Cooltext has added some new features for easily creating eye catching buttons, logos and if you know how to work with art a bit custom made images for your website/blog.

A personal favorite is cooltext's Symbol Logo which is what was used to create my brand new blog title, along with this post's image.  There are three options on cooltext's website for creating the Symbol logo.  The eye is created using the first option called Symbol and the words are created using three of the several differant fonts that Cooltext offers.  One of my favorite fonts to use is the Dingbats font, which is what I used here on this Blog's Title.  If you wish not to use a word in the title of Line Two or Three on Cooltext Symbol Logo, there is an option to choose from one of the dingbats font, such as the light bulb image on the left of this blog''s title "Ideas about starting a home based business from blogs".

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On this blog post, the above image was also created using the Symbol Logo on Cooltext's website.  A few other images created using are profile images for my Facebook business pages, you can view the Business Profile for this blog by clicking here.  These images for Facebook's Cover Photo is a little more difficult to finagle because the image requires to be 850x315 pixels.  After creating your image on Cooltext you will need to open it in photo editor program, such as Gimp or Photoshop, than scale the image to 850x315.  This isn't easy because the image will lose it's quality forcing it to be redone several times before the image looks presentable.  As you can see from mine, the image on my Facebook Cover is still not quite perfect and is still being worked on at the moment.