Sunday, June 28, 2009

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Ideas About Starting A Home Based Business with BLOGS: Create One Way Backlinks to Your Website - wikiHow

There is a Google trends that looked interesting saying that " jordan chandler admits he lied about Michael Jackson". Last night I did a more detailed search about it. Of course it's a lie and there is no reliable news source coming from it. It does give the blogger enough hits and people are even willing enough to comment about it also. This helps the blogger earn page rank with Google, just by starting this rumor.

The point is after doing a search to see if this was true I came across a site that the blogger was using called Clipmarks. Clipmarks lets you create another backlink. This is neat because you do not have to install anything on your blog if you do not want to. What it is though is a very useful FireFox add-on that you can use that will create backlinks to your blog. You can clip a section of your blog post and have another link pointing to your blog. You can also use the add-on when you are searching the web simply by clipping sections of pages and posting them to your blog, having it twittered and a few other popular social networks.

When I searched for the rumor Google trend about "Jordan Chandler Admits he lied about Michael Jackson" I saw that the blogger who started the rumor came up three times, his blog, widgetbox and clipmarks. You can see how a clipmark looks on a blog by visiting my Elizabeth's Hot Topics and also how a clipmark looks when you clip sections from your blog at My Clips

My favorite social network option is the ability to twit^rev and digg it because as soon as it goes to twitter it posts to all my other social networks because of my TwitterFeed setup. If you never used twit^rev before what it does is gives you a suggested user to follow everytime you twit your clipmark. Once you follow them you earn points and then become a suggested user to follow on twitter as well. This is an easy way to get at least one-hundred twitter followers a day.

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