Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Get 200+ visitor hits daily with backlinks

A few days ago somebody told me they did not like OutBrain because it spammed their blog. Having somebody else's blog post title on your may seem threatening, don't let it. OutBrain creates backlinks, and if you have heard before that backlinks are great for more hits, it is true.

My earlier post about the Pyzam Three Column Blogger Template is another backlink.Now when somebody does a search for Pyzam Three Column, you will notice that "My Wiki" Blog comes up a few times, but so does this blog. Go on and give it a try, nice isn't it?

If somebody is using outbrain on another blog, and my post is a close enough match to their post, that is another backlink. So again, don't feel threatened about other blogs "Spamming your blog". This is a good thing, your blog is on their blog and their blog is on your blog which means you have another backlink. The more backlinks you have, the more you come up on the search engines.

Here is an example of some free ways to receive more backlinks:
Link one blog post to another blog post
Google Webmaster tools
Leave a comment on somebodies blog with your Google OpenID

Now that you have backlinks established, now what you need is a great blog post, something that will make people come and visit your blog. A few ways that work are searching other blogs that are common to your blog for interesting topics. StumbleUpon is a FireFox addon, you are able to Stumble on different sites of your choice or use the custom search. The best for last is Google Trends. Google Trends lists the top one-hundred recent search terms, take a look at the top ten, pick one that you think is an interesting topic and use it.

My recent post about "Experts says that Dome built over Houston TX not only will help from Catagory Five Hurricanes, but may also help the environment!" Elizabeth's Hot Topics Blog was the highest visitor hit I have ever made. Look at that, I just created another backlink.

If you look at the OutBrain below my blog, you will see that nobody else has posted it yet. This gives me the advantage of more visitors, and as soon as somebody does post it, this will give me another backlink.