Monday, June 22, 2009

Post free videos on your blog

Accidentally tripped over another free site for your blog.

This morning Google Trends search was for True Blood Season Two Episode Two. After watching it lastnight in complete awe, I knew there had to be a site that offered video embeding besides just YouTube. After a little search I came across a very nice site that has just that.

Social Entertainment Network - Video Search Engine - Yidio is so awesome and free. They offer full news coverage, movies, television episodes and much more in HD. Embedding is also provided and works right in your blog posts. Most of you know that videos keeps visitors on sites, and it is so much easier when people want to know about something but you are just not sure how to write a post about it.

A quick line and a video is always helpful. You can now watch the entire season of True Blood Season Two Episode Two, "Keep the Party Going" right on Elizabeth's Hot Topics Blog.

News topics tend to be a tough one for me. There are times I can write about my opinion and then other times I'm just not sure what to say. Politics can leave me so undecided much of the time. You can have a strong feeling about something one day and then something happens the next that makes you change your mind.

Just a little tip, when you find sites that offer things like this, make sure they are safe with Google Ads. One hint that you may be allowed to post certain videos on your blog is, when you see Google Ads on their site, then it is pretty safe to say that it is probably legitamate. Although, that may not always mean that they are legitamate, maybe Google just hasn't picked up on them yet. Here is a little tool that lets you know if the site is safe or not, this is also very hand for those twitter tweeters that try to get you to sign up for their so called get twitter followers programs.

Open the site you want to check on then in the address bar enter this:

From there you can see if the site is safe or not.

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