Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The screaming advertisement is telling me my blog sucks?

This advertisement is terrible, you know the one you see everywhere, hacker sites used to have them back in the day all the time.

"CONGRATULATIONS YOU WON" - Then it has a seizure.
I am embarrassed about the that advertisement. It makes my dog, Mimzy, run around her cage and bark. Then you have to let her out of the cage so she can run around and make sure it is the computer. What's worse is when you can't get it back then it takes longer to get Mimzy back in her cage. She wants to check everywhere and make sure there isn't a man sneaking in the house. If I'm lucky a quick refresh gives me luck and it screams "CONGRATULATIONS YOU WON".

One time I was at a friends house and did a Google search visit for a blog post to see what type of ads my blog would pull up from a different IP. I wanted to get the perspective of somebody viewing my blog behind a different IP and on a separate computer. My blog screamed "CONGRATULATIONS YOU WON" FROM HIS SPEAKERS, OOPS. He was shaving and he yelped Nothing happened but his yelp made it quite funny since he didn't slice his neck open.

Since the ads are on my blog, I'm curious what other people are seeing from different points of visits on the Internet. Here are a few ways I figure blog visits come up by various types of visits, and what type of ads you will see.

1. Your search engine visit by post
2. When you pull you blog up in the search engine by the blog title.
3. Pulling your blog up by direct visit
4. Viewing your blog through a social network as a second party reader.

Doing a search for your blog and visiting via the search engine gives you an idea from your own computer. There are ways advertisements pick up visits, the secret termer picker upper recognizes them. Even were you place the advertisement on your blog and/or website.

I moved the spaze ad to the bottom of my blog but on the top when you get enough visits you get the neat ads. Business term blogs are a dime a dozen so the hits aren't as often, the business Blogs numbers are really really big.

Twitter is interesting, mostly I read things. Twitter confuses me, if you log in you see and see a random @somebody but if they have been @ing for an hour, that is alot of @ing and tinyurling you have to go through. Does anybody actually do that, spaze ad?

Not sure what to really say in twitter, there are so many chirps. If the twitter bird follows you do you think they are investigating you? It seems like every time you visit a link on twitter, it is somebody trying to sell you a so called program on how to get more followers on twitter. Here is a little kicker for you, read Making Progress on Spam and then tell me if you can get 4,000 followers, other add says we mean 4,100? That ad is embarrassing also, are the advertisers punishing me intentionally?

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