Saturday, June 20, 2009

How to get your page rank up with posts

A Google search about getting your page rank up told me a few new things. One way your page rank goes up is how many people link back to your blog. Having the "backlink enabled for posts" in your settings -> comment has a few advantages as well as a few disadvantages.

When somebody clicks on the links to this post they have the option of stealing your post but Google also sees that as a popularity backlink and it helps in the search engines. Overnight my visitor hit quadrupled.

Some ways that helped my page rank go up was, of course, posting often especially on my Elizabeth's Hot Topics Blog.

Whenever a particular topic looks like it could be a good topic, even if it is not a top one-hundred trends, the following day or even a few hours later it can be a top ten Google Trend. Because you wrote an article about something that seemed like an interesting news article ahead of time gives you the advantage to receive more hits. Not all Google Trends are the best thing to do a blog post about, some are even so brief they aren't worth writing about. There are some articles on my Elizabeth's Hot Topics blog that was just a waste of my time but it also put my page rank up with google because it's another post.

The MyBlogLog gadget lets me know what are the most clicked on links, and my "Link Back to This Post" for a few posts are in the top five most clicked. At first I was going to take off the backlinks with the thought that people are stealing my posts. Than the realization after reading about Google Page Rank is that maybe this is possibly why overnight my success went up so quickly.

A hard lesson learned yesterday was content. Posting a picture of Demi Moore's big ugly bush with a bar over it and linking to the actual picture is considered non friendly family material. The real kicker though is an image of Calvin Klein's billboard in NYC is just fine. So Demi Moore's Bush is out and Calvin Klein's jean orgy advertisement is okay, go figure.

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