Sunday, February 19, 2012

Watch your Google Adsense go through the roof with these widgets!

Ever wonder how people get those awesome looking social plug ins working in blogger?  Would you like to know how to get the twitter logo to fly around your Google Blog?

Today while working on finding receive more visitors to my blogs through Facebook, this one particular site really caught my eye.  The site had the nicest skin for a Google Blog and in the left corner of the blog was an animated dragonfly that scrolled with the blog along with a great combination of purples.  Thinking to myself, now what can I do to make my blog noticeable like that, a Google search was launched to find Google Blogspot Skins.  Instead what was discovered is this blog, with all types of nice tips on getting your google blog noticed.

What actually happened is first I was searching for a new Google Blog Skin when I came across a blog that had the animated twitter that follows a reader as they scroll through the blog.  I had to have that flying twitter and that is what next began a brand new Google search on how it was done.  As soon as these three following social plugins, with the easy guide provided by, my adsense jumped right through the roof, no joke:

Floating Google +1, Facebook, Twitter Buttons For Blogger

How To Force Blog Visitors To Subscribe?

Add a Cute Flying Twitter Bird To Your Blogs

Now when readers visit, they are tempted to check out all three of the new social plug ins, wouldn't you agree?

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