Sunday, February 12, 2012

Advertise your blog, website and business simply when playing games Facebook games!

This sounds crazy but it is true, interacting with your friends on facebook through Games and applications is actually a great way of advertising your site.

About six months ago, while using my FaceBook account,  it came to my attention that having over six hundred friends was making it very difficult to keep track of what was going on with my FaceBook account.  The games that were being played was getting jumbled up with what my friends and family were posting in the newsfeeds.  Also, there were the people on my friends list that were more acquaintance then actually friends whose photos, videos and Farmville postings were mixing up with people on my friends list who's personal information was more of an interest than the ones that play Farmville.

That is when I decided to create a second account for just my friends, family and coworkers, it made the ease of Facebook much better for me and on my personal account all games and applications are blocked.  My old account is mainly used for playing games on and my new account is for interacting with my closest friends.  To create a second Facebook account, you will need a second email address since Facebook does not accept the same email address for two accounts. 

A problem I ran into started when both accounts had the same profile picture on it and it was beginning to really get confusing, for myself and my closest friends. A few weeks ago after updating my old Facebook profile by changing the profile name and picture, click here to view my new profile, it made things so much easier.  Instead of using my name, I use my blog name, Elizabeth's Miscellaneous Topics along with the blogs URL imprinted on the bottom of my profile picture.  Also for the new timeline feature I have created a logo with the name of my blog and the url to my blog.

To view my Facebook Photo Cover Timeline click here for an example.  What was done first is the logo was created using cooltext's free logo creation site.  Next using Gimp, a photo editor that comes with Linux, I opened the logo and resized it to 850x320.  Not all logos will look good after they are created using so you will have to probably select a size that works for you several times before it comes out right.
Now when playing games, such as Farmville and Hidden Chronicles, people see my blog name and business logo and it will always stick in their head.  At the same time I am interacting with people on my facebook friends list by playing games, giving my business a more personal touch without having to spam.

Because of Facebook's new policy when requesting friends in which you are not allowed to randomly request friends you may not know, you can click here to view my timeline profile add me to your friend list!  

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