Monday, February 20, 2012

How do I get readers to like my blog in FaceBook?

Ever wonder how people with an uninteresting site manages to get three thousand, seven hundred eleven likes on their Facebook page?

Deciding that it was time to figure out just how bloggers were getting so many readers to like their sites, it was time to investigate and take a look around Facebook to see if there were any like exchange pages on Facebook.  Sure enough there were two that I discovered and joined, one being a group and the other just is readers exchanging likes in comments.  Unfortunately not everybody returns the favor but feels free to ask for the like but the ones who do is what is the most helpful.

In a previous post, click here to read more, I wrote about creating a separate Facebook account from my personal Facebook account.  This is helpful when groups and playing games, so that messages, likes and close friends does not get mixed up.  You can and will make a mess of your Facebook account in the begging until you get the hang of things, that is why it is strongly suggested that you try to keep everything separate from each other.

Since the start of using the Facebook exchange group, my Google Adsense and visitor rates have gone right through the roof in just a few short days.  This group here, Likes, is great for obtaining new Facebook, since Facebook's new policy will disable your friend request ability whenever you request to many friends and a certain number of people complain they do not know you.

The two following groups will accept your join request immediatly so that you can start posting your websites, facebook fan pages and other sites that you wish to share.

Get Your Blog Followers
Go here to view a comment exchange where you can just keep clicking on links and sharing likes with other users

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