Sunday, January 22, 2012

Some ways to advertise you business and website for free

Free Tip:  When viewing your google adsense account in Classic mode using Firefox/Mozilla, the page is blank.  This is because some Adblock Plus included with Firefox is blocking the scripts google uses for adsense.  Go to your Google Adsense account than on the Menu select, Tools --> Adblock Plus and disable on

Occasionally, while doing a Google search for business you will run across a website that the business is listed on.  A few that comes to mind is YellowPages, AT&T Solutions and Yahoo Local Listing.  What is amazing is I stumbled across these sites by accident while searching for information about other businesses.  Once the information was discovered, so was the fact that the sites listing the company was in fact a great place to list my own Ideas About Starting A Home Based Business From Blogs, Elizabeth's Blogger Wikis and Elizabeth's Miscellaneous Topics blogsites.  These little things are important in earning visitors so that I can earn more money with my Google Adsense Account.

The moment I come across a site that allows me to list my own site for free, immediately, before it slips my mind, I will sign up and enter my own URLS.  Daily, because of doing this my blog receives more and more visitors.  It takes me probably an hour a day going through google searches before the jackpot is hit.  Than is the process of signing up, adding the information needed to obtain visitors to my site and submitting the URLs for approval.

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