Friday, January 20, 2012

How you can have a Facebook Groups to promote your blog, website and business!

"Free business website and blog advertisement tips using Facebook's group option.  Free Google Blogger Tip:  When creating Groups, Applications and other Facebook site promotional items, use your logo so that your readers and fans become familiar with it".

Approximately a year ago Facebook launched their option where you can create a group and add your friends to it.  The option can be profitably for a small business just starting out, especially since, when used in moderation, is a great way to freely advertise your business.  The downside, anybody can invite you to a group they created and use it to spam their business with but low and behold if you visit the Facebook Group Help Center, there is an explanation on how to leave that irritating group.  Later in this post I will explain how you can avoid receiving unwanted emails from these groups that you wish not to join and how you can select the groups that you would like to be notified when somebody posts to a favorable group that you created or joined.

Once you have created your group for your company and added the friends you wish to be members you want to now post to the group.  This is especially handy to use whenever a new post is created on your Google blog.  After a post is created all the members in your group will receive an email notifying them that the site you are promoting has been updated.  When doing this though, take into consideration that updating and posting to your group is going to cause you to lose your audience.  If posting excessively throughout the day make you think that you are drawing a large audience to your sight, you are wrong, it will only cause you to lose Facebook group members and friends.

Like myself, when I awaken in the morning to check my emails and see somebody added me to a useless group and than spammed it, the good news is, there is a way around that.  You can change the group settings in your Account Settings --> notifications --> Groups and select how you want to be notified via the groups. 
Step 1: account settings

Step 2: Notification

Step 3: Group Settings

Once you create your own private, join a group or are added to a group of interest, from there you have the option to setup how you want to be notified in the group individually.  As you can see from my settings above all notifications are disabled.  In my personal group, Ideas about starting a home based business from blogs, notifications are enabled.  This way people can add me to as many groups as they wish but notifying me of anything is useless.  Unfortunately, until Facebook finds a way for people to have the option to not be added to groups without their permission, you will have to go through and remove yourself from groups occasionally to quite often depending on the size of your Facebook friends list.

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