Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Google Blogger templates - Eyecandy for your site

After being stubborn and sticking with the same look, I changed my other two bloggers, Elizabeth's Miscellaneous Topics and Ideas About Starting A Home Based Business From Blogs, styles and looks. The Picture Window template is a personal favorite of mine with it's colors and scrolling options.  Once you get into customising how you want your sidebars, fonts and colors it will be hours before you decide which eyecandy you prefer, yet, it still will be difficult to come to a complete decision.

Why it became time to change my blogs layout and looks was because of the heavy scripting that was entailed when the blogs were first designed in 2009.  It was brought to my attention, from quite a few people, with the Facebook Login button not working properly with the google blogs.  After doing research and coming up with nothing helpful, it became apparent that when editing the HTML on the blogs it caused a conflict with the Facebook Login Button working correctly.  Unfortunately for those of you who have particular layouts starting from scratch is probably your best bet.  Just backup your old blogger template and use one of the Templates offered by blogger.  From there you will probaly have to re-add anything that you entered in your blogs HTML code, such as your OpenId through Symnatic Verisgn or the authentication code you entered via Networked Blogs.

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