Saturday, June 26, 2010

Finding what readers want and blogging about it

How did I get over Two Hundred visitors on a few of my select blogs overnight?

Sharing a common interest so that when you blog about it other's can relate, this is foremost important.  A common interest, such as a game, religion or a type of business, than you need to find a popular interest.

One example is a blog I created just over a month ago about a popular game on facebook called "FarmVille".  The blog's name is FarmVille's Tips & Tricks and just by one day finding a useful tip in the game, overnight people who tried the tip, found it worked shared it with other facebook friends who shared it and it spread like wild fire.  The blog went from 10 visitors to over 100 a day and is growing by the day just because of the little tip.

Another thing that keeps my readers on my blog a little longer is the marquee script in blogger.  This is the easiest html you will ever add to a blog, click here to see how to add scrolling marquee text to your blog, every time somebody sits and reads a line of marquee you will earn from your Google adsense.  Click here to see the post that has earned me over 200 visitor hits daily across my four blogs.

Another blog I have is my Elizabeth's Miscalleneous Topics, which has a large variety of topics, Youtube videos, news and other things that interest me and are hot google trending topics of the day, week or even month.

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