Thursday, May 6, 2010

Advertising your blog with social networks - Adding share buttons to your posts

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Adding a share button to your blog has to be one of the most important things needed when advertising your blog.  You can write ten posts a day but without a facebook share button, digg this or other social networking buttons your really not getting anywhere but maybe a lucky google search hit.

In past posts I mentioned different ways of advertising your blog through social networking that you will find useful but how you want to do it is even more important.  In blogger if you go to your layout and add a gadget, do a search for social network and there is a gadget that you can add to your blog that lists almost every single network that is available out there.

My favorite way is by integrating a comment gadget/widget in with my blog for comments.  Two that I have used with success are intense debate and disque.  When a user leaves a comment, they can share with their social network of their choice and are also able to leave a comment by connecting with facebook, blogger and a few others.

Facebook buttons and badges, like the ones you see in my side panels, are just as important as well.  The more you advertise through social networking, the better chances of being found by a reader doing a simple search in google or bing.

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