Sunday, May 23, 2010

Make the perfect social buttons for your blog - How to add google buzz, facebook, Digg and retweet to your blogger blog post

If you really want to get your blog posted onto the various social networks it is usually very helpful to post as many different ways to have links as you can. If you take a look at my blog, you will notice that you can post my blog posts and/or blog to the most popular networks, blog posts to facebook, twitter and digg since these three are the most popular.

First you want to add sociable, this one is easy to add. Just click here to go to your blog layout section.  Next click on add a gadget and do a search for sociable. From there you can choose which networks you want your blog posted to. Next choose a spot for it, mine is at the top of my blog posts, you can add yours anywhere you like.  I like these because they are like mashable, and they look nice at the top of my blog post.

The next best thing are adding Google Buzz, retweet, digg and facebook post buttons for blog posts, these are not only very useful but also quite successful. I prefer to have mine, as you can see above my blog post, showing at the top lined up. Here are different codes you can easily add, here are the instructions:

Click here to open up blogger directly in HTML. Check the "expand widget templates" at the top of the html code, click ctrl + f and do a search for the following code:

Now above or below the text paste the following code as is:

I personally prefer to put this code above the post line, that way it shows at the top of each and every blog post.  If you prefer to put it below than the code will show below each and every blog post.  Below I have a share it button though, that way if the person wishes to share after they read the blog post, they have the option as well.

These are all of the three buttons social network share buttons ready to copy and paste. A few other ways that are a favorite of mine is adding outside comment boxes to my blog, a few are Intense debate and Disqus. I like disqus because of the yahoo button, also it has facebook but lately the facebook button has not been working for Intense debate or disqus. To learn more about these to outside comment sites click the links.

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