Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why PTC and Traffic Exchange is harmful to your Adsense

Previously I mentioned about Traffic Exchange being good to drive to your website and blog, but not knowing at the time how harmful it can be to your adsense.

Over the past few weeks, my adsense revenue has been going up, but the more hits that I received, the less the clicks were worth. Then to my discovery, it had to do with the amount of traffic I was receiving, and the number of clicks.

From what it looks like, for every few hundred visitors you get to your site, the worth of the ads goes down if nobody is clicking on ads. So lets say you check your adsense at 3:00am Eastern Standard time and you have already received five hits to your site. You will notice that the eCPM might be pretty high, and if somebody clicks, you will get a nice amount, maybe a few dollars. After a few hours pass, you go back to check your adwense statics, and you notice that you received another seventy visitors, but now your CPM has gone down considerably, and nobody has clicked. That is the answer right there, and that is why using PTC and Traffic Exchange to drive traffic to your sites can be harmful.

Most Traffic Exchange site users do not pay attention to what they are surfing, because it is so repetitive. They are mostly only using the traffic exchange to try to earn a few pennies, and earn a few referrals to their own program. When you look in your analytics, you will notice that the bounce rate is considerably high, this is calculated on the time that the person is on your site, so a fifteen second visitor is actually quite useless, while a thirty minute visitor is profitable..

One day I managed to earn close five hundred visitors to my site after using the traffic exchange. With an earning of nearly ten thousand points, this looked to me as if I was going to get that many visitors to my site, but instead it was much less then that. After spending six hours at this, I earned a penny from Google adsense. Not a pretty picture, and quite embarrassing.

This past Saturday somebody left me a message telling me I had a nice blog, and was my first follower. After checking out his blog, I noticed the WidgetBox business widget and grabbed it. After using that for a few hours and viewing other blogs listed on it, I discovered MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog. Immediately I signed up for the two sites and started viewing blogs and just started grabbing anything that looked like it might be more helpful to earn good traffic to my own sites.

This past Sunday after deciding to ditch the traffic exchange, I did a search for blog exchange and blog listing sites, and came across (see small banner links in top left) two blogs that gave the best sites to have your blogs noticed for free.

Today I am happy to say, I have already received one hundred banner impressions, and one click, and the first click of the day is always worth the most.

So the moral to the stroy is, you want people to read your blogs, visit your blogs, comment on your blogs. You do not want somebody sitting at their desk with five or six browser tabs opened at once, and just clicking cheat protections one after another to earn pennies and referrals.

You are just wasting your own time if your trying to do the same thing. As stated before, traffic exchange and PTC might get you plenty of visitors to your sites, and it might even help your eCPM worth go up, but what good is the worth if nobody is actually there for a reason.

Notice as well the neat little rating at the bottom of my posts linking to other blogs, this is courtesy to outbrain, another way to get noticed. Just a simple little gadget that you add, and you are linking back and forth with other blogs.


  1. Well, the only problem here is that people are some how clicking your ptc's and other ads.. and not adsense ads.. I usually let adsense have all pages on the site.. (not sure if its still enabled) And put all other ads i have control over on one page separate.. this way adsense will get more clicks period.. And ptc and others are only clicked by those looking for those services.. Or a way top help the site..

  2. That thought crossed my mind to do it as well. Then I realized that if nobody who is using the PTC are not paying attention to the advertisements, then what would be the point still. I signed up for quite a few PTCs, and I never got any referrals, and hadn't even reached $1.00 with the ones that do give you money. Donkey mails, i'm only at 0.70 and NewWaySurf, i'm at 0.66 after viewing over 2,000 Surf pages.

    Already doing it this way, in the past three days, i've reached $5.00 with google doing less work, but more enjoyable and tedious.

    I know it doesn't sound like much, but it's seems to be a quicker outcome and if I can reach $5.00 in three days, what can I reach in a month.

  3. While using the PTCs, nobody was actually clicking on anything. I never even received any referrals. I tried using a downline builder program, but all that happened was that the people would follow the signup rules, and then never use the program again.

  4. nice post up, by the way, without using PTC and traffic exchange, other vistors may not clicking on the ads as well.

  5. After viewing my analytics reports on google, the time on site rate was less then 1 minutes (amount of time the timer runs per PTC exchange). Last Sunday I decided not to use that traffic exchange, but only use the blog exchange sites. The average time on my site now with the blog exchange is about 3 minutes.

    A google visitor hit is 20 minutes on my website. My CPC went up at a nice rate. Maybe I'm not getting as many visitors or page impressions, but my CPC skyrocketed at an amazing rate in just this one week. What I meant by PTC being harmful is that GOOGLE seems to be paying a higher CPC per visitor not viewer.

    So your not really earning from a 30 second viewer, your earning from a 3+ minute visitor.

    This past week I received a little over 2,000 page impressions, 2,000 visitors and earned $8.00. The month I was using Traffic Exchange, I reveived 14,000+ page impressions and earned only $0.02.

    After trying to advertise on the PTC/Traffic Exchange, I received 2 referrals in blogclickers, and only one in widget bucks for the entire month of April, and half of May.

    In just this one week without any traffic exchange, I received 3-5 referrals under me for each of my programs using the blog exchange, and some under adsense (waiting for approvals).

    One other thing I remember is that I removed my site from all the PTC/Traffic Exchanges and just used my referral links, and only received one referral for widgetbucks, and three for blogclickers. Right there was the first indication that trying to use my website to earn referrals, rss' and followers was pointless.

    After six hours a day, seven days a week of surfing the same fifty pages over and over again and not getting anywhere, I had to find a better way.