Sunday, May 31, 2009

Spam can damage your credibility

If you want to promote your blog or website, spamming isn't going to work. People do not like spam. Using the blog forums when you have new posts is fine, to an extent. If you use the forum several times a day, every single day to announce a blog post, you will just end up being blocked. One time, maybe two times a day is usually fine, but sometimes you get the ones who abuse it.

What I will never understand are the ones that private message you with the same message over and over again every few days. Who has gotten the Hello my friend do you shop online, then go to, then they give you the URL to their blog. After the third time, I blocked him, and am probably not the first to do this. Now how far could he have gotten if he did not do that in the first place.

Twitter also, if you setup your or hellotext to message twitter every hour, you can possibly lose quite a few followers. I did this by accident, and had it setup so it kept going in the round about circle. Every fifteen minutes it kept sending a message to my twitter (oops).

The fix for that is to just go to TwitterFeed and have it send one of the auto sites, or hellotext the posts, but not both at the same time. One of the sites will get it to the other, and it will eventually get to your twitter account in a timely manner. For each of my blogs, I have it send to in three hour increments. So every three hours, only one post from one blog sends to twitter, that is two posts per blog daily, one with the url, one without.

The visit response is much better, and my hits have gone up a bit more. I'm not coming across as spammy. You hate spam, I hate spam, they hate spam, so just take into account how you feel about it, and give the same respect, which goes a long way later on.

There is a post on my blog, Why Is Spam Useless? It's from a few weeks ago, but I remember stating how spammers do not ever prosper. For example, how many times do they need to send me an email about cleaning my colon, and how much blockage do they think is going on there. Nothing a big helping of spinash can't fix a few times a week.

As for twitter, the best people I have found to follow are people, pretty much in the same line of work I am. Some of my new visitors are people using traffic exchange sites, pay to click and pay to read email for promoting. One day a piece of my post floated past them, and they checked it out. Every few days a search for words is FaceBook, Twitter and a few others for terms like, PTC, Pay to Click etc... goes a long way.

PS. Good posts, something catchy, like the one I did yesterday in my hot topics blog. Gave my hot topics blog a good response because funny works :)