Friday, April 27, 2012

How to get like noticed on Facebook - Advertising your business

An easy way to Facebook receive likes, people talking about this and number of people were here on your Facebook business, community and fan page.

In this previous post, also wanting to add a few additional tips, I had touched on how you can receive a large number of likes on Facebook by joining like sharing groups and a few that I am a member of are:

Seo-Smm-FB like,Share-Google +1's-Digg-Twitter and much much more
Facebook Fan Page Exchange Club
Business Fan Page Like Exchange

To also get noticed on Facebook is by uploading photos on your page and getting people to comment on them.  As you can see, this is how it looks on Elizabeth's Digital Business Cards timeline so far:
How this is done is first getting the likes by joining the above groups and than next uploading a photo.  One of the popular things that people share in these groups are photo like sharing.  What was done here is that a photo of one of my digital business card creations was converted to a photo and uploaded to my timeline.  Next, hiding the photo and than advertising it on the above groups and pages allows me to post them in the timeline.  This allows users to like a photo on your timeline, allows them to leave their own page links, giving my site a higher user rating.  Users enjoy doing this and it helps in receiving more likes to your Facebook page and is also a great advertising campaign incentive.


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