Saturday, February 4, 2012

Can using a custom google search on my website, blogger or even in a blogpost be beneficial?

You may have noticed the option Google offers for using their search engine for different uses, such as, for searching the entire world wide web, only your blog/website or a choice of search options you would like the reader to discover by setting up a choice of sites that will show up when the user does a search.  How can you make this beneficial to you or even waste your time setting one up when it feels as if nobody is using it.

If your site is one that is offering a large variety of games, wallpapers or website skins, it is obvious that having the option of allowing the user to search your site for what they need makes the Google Custom Search useful.  Google search engine does earn revenue in the same way that you earn revenue from Google adsense and YouTube videos through the advertisements.  The question is, how can a regular blogger like ourselves find use of a custom Google search engine?  It almost seems useless to have it on your site, that is not the case and let me explain an example of how a custom search can be profitable and work for you in just a simple blog post.

A few days ago prior to this post on my personal blog, Elizabeth's Miscellaneous Topics,  I created a post called: The trick of digging up dirt on somebody at no cost, explaining how you can do a search for people, free of charge, using Google's search engine.  In that post is a Custom Google Search engine at the end giving the reader the option to try out the topics that I am speaking about.  If you have not visited the link than here it is again so that you can get a better understanding of what I am talking about before reading on in this post.

As you can see the search engine is available right in the blogpost and people can now do a search.  What is neat about that post is that it is also has people try out my suggestion of doing a search for "Elizabeth's Miscellaneous Topics".  This will also make a possiblilty of that blog coming up in Google's Trends if enough readers try it out.

Learn how to add a custom search engine to your Google blogpost:
Elizabeth's Blogger Wikis - How to add a custom search engine to your Google Blog Post.

Have Fun and Good Luck!

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